The Ninth Men #1 script


Splash page of all the planets rotating around the sun. We have an overlapping of an up close of earth and mars.


We see people landing on mars with relatively close to the same tech we landed on the moon with, except there are home and bases set up all around mars. It’s as though we put places from earth right on mars.

Narration: There came a day when we became a two-planet species.

Narration: Some people chose to go to mars, some were selected to go, while everyone else stayed behind.


Now we see 6 wristbands coming up from a crack in the ground on mars. Each one looks like a slight variation of the others.

They fly out and wrap around the hands of 4 guys and 2 women.

Narration: Six of the seven Martian power bands surfaced. Each one granted unique abilities.


6 panel layout of all the bands, but also a panel of the 7th across the bottom.

Narration (for band 1/guy 1): The powers of flight and strength.

Narration (for band 2/guy 2): the powers of flight and sonic screeching.

Narration (for band 3/guy 3): The powers of speed and knowledge.

Narration (for band four/guy 4): The powers of light blasts and ice blasts.

Narration (for band five/woman 1): the power of water manipulation.

Narration (for band six/woman 2): The powers of flight and invisibility.

Narration (for the 7th/final band): The abilities of them all, channeled through entropy.


Splash page of alien ships invading.

Narration: Waves given off from the bands alerted the universe that they’d been rediscovered.

Narration: Armies came to find them.




Two pages (any layout you want) of the 6 people with the wristbands fighting these invaders, but the 6 people win.


We get a shot of a subterranean place that looks like Eternia from He-Man.

Narration: Inside of mars- years later.

A hooded figure is walking around. He has a staff that’s glowing green. Let’s call him Cyrus.

He walks through a vague opening in a wall.


We see him walking into some big chamber of dead bodies. In the center there’s a stalagmite, with the 7th band around it.

He walks past the bodies and grabs it.

Up close of it around his wrist.

Cyrus: I’ve finally found you.


We see a populous, busy city on mars. Normal scene. There’s a tall mountain next to it.

We see him standing atop the mountain.

He raises his arm and his hand is in a fist.

Narration: When the 7th wristband was found, its user, Cyrus, discovered he needed more than willpower.


We see the light on his staff start to grow in an up close shot.

We zoom out a bit, and he makes a slashing motion with his staff.

Green light shoots out like lightening and hits the town. Fire starts to spread from it.


Now he’s moving closer to the town.

He raises his other hand. Ice shoots out and freezes people.

Narration: He learned how to fuel it.



A whole page of him fighting the 6 heroes, but the fight causes a lot of damage.

Narration: The heroes came and fought, but the damage they caused only fueled his powers.


More fighting, a lot more damage.

Narration: They had no idea what they were getting into.


Now the fight is getting more epic. People are being thrown through buildings. And it isn’t like Cyrus is soloing them all easy, because he’s still learning the powers and his strength is growing by the minute so he’s learning to use it all. They’re still hurting him too, it is 6v1.

At the end of this page, he starts to float up.


He’s high up in the heavens, between earth and mars. His staff is floating in front of him, and the light from it has slithered around his arms and hands (probably around his whole body, but mostly his arms and hands).

He moves his hands together.

His hands do a big clap.


Splash page of the worlds being smashed together.


We see all 4 guys are crushed in half after this..

We see a lot more damage.

The worlds are molded together now, but it isn’t pretty.


Now we see him standing above all the people like he’s a god. Everyone on this new planet is looking up at him.

Narration: Cyrus had gained all the entropy he needed, but it would never be enough.

Narration: He turned the new world into misery.





We see everyone living in poverty, dressed all dirty.

We see people fighting for food.

Narration: He destroyed half our food supply, and watched us starve. There were no farmers or factories, he owned the world and gave us small but equal rations.

Narration: The more we suffered, the stronger it made him.


We see a bunch of men in weird uniform with torches and swords walking the streets.

Narration: Cyrus mind controlled dozens of men into going on a witch hunt.

We see women being slaughtered in the streets.

Narration: A witch hunt to find the women with the wristbands


We show the women with the wristbands giving themselves up.

Their arms get chopped off, and they’re left to die in the streets.


Now we get a splash page of Cyrus on his throne, like this. I want the throne almost exactly the same


Narration: They brought Cyrus the wristbands.

Narration: The wristbands that worked without entropy weakened whenever one was separated from a lifeforce.

Narration: He had captured the remaining wristbands.

Narration: There was nobody to stop him.


We cut to an old lady stumbling in the street. She’s wobbling. She’s carrying a big scroll in her arms. She looks like she has leprosy (or maybe something less major).

She falls to the ground.

She opens the scroll.

Old lady: Hear my voice! World of suffering, hear my voice!

Old lady: The four slain men will rise again!

Old lady: In our hour of hopelessness, they’ll save us!

*end issue*


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