Hourglass #1 script

The issue starts off with a battle scene on earth. Dead soldiers can be seen of both humans and an alien species. Although I do not have a set design in mind for the aliens, they’re gonna be about evenly matched with us, so they don’t do anything crazy like shooting fire from their eyes or anything like that (I think the aliens only advantage will be that they burn to the touch).

Narration box: the year is 2020

We see an area that probably used to be highly populated because we can see several tall (yet falling apart) buildings. They have some black markings on them that were probably from some big explosion. The ground/big space where this area is is barren. It’s just dirt. The current scene is a couple tanks from the humans, with some soldiers surrounding it. They’re shooting at a ginormous alien ship that’s parked there.

Narration box: The war started 5 years ago.

The alien ship takes off from its spot suddenly.

We get a shot of it flying, and a small thing drops from it, but it lands in some place not far from where the humans are, but it doesn’t hit them at all.

We now see a soldier who is our protagonist, Gerald Hild. He starts to stand in place as some of the other soldiers and tanks head off to find out what had dropped.


We see Gerald walking down the street at night time.

He cuts through an alley

A shady car pulls up next to him.

A few gang bangers get out

One guy pins Gerald to the wall, the guy has a gun in his hand that he puts to Gerald’s head.

Gang banger: Gerald. Gerald Hild.

Gerald: Come on, man. I don’t do this stuff anymore.

Gang banger: You seen Mitchell and Michel?

Gerald: No.

Gang banger: wrong answer.

He pushes Gerald to the ground. 3 other dudes start kicking Gerald. He’s bleeding, maybe a tooth fallen out. He’s pretty hurt.

Gerald: What do you want out of me?

Head gang banger: Mitchell and Mitchel owe me some money.

Other gang banger: We ain’t seem them in a while.

Gerald: I’ve cleaned up my life man, I don’t hang around with anyone from the gangs anymore-

One of the other gang bangers: oh yeah, I’ve heard. Pretty bird you got now, what’s her name, Megan, right?

Gerald: you stay the hell away fr-

*kicks Gerald in the mouth*

Head banger fires a warning shot.

Head banger: you got one week to have Mitchell and Mitchel give me what they owe me.

Now we change scenes to Gerald stumbling into his apartment

Megan is there on the couch watching TV, there’s a newspaper sitting on a table or something with the front page having some random article by “Megan Doran”.

We get a real serious shot of Gerald in pain before he falls over, and we see a shocked Megan.

Megan rushes to him

Megan: Oh, God! Gerald, what happened?

Gerald is now laying on the couch (she helped him to it)

Gerald: some old friends of mine… They’re after the Mitchells

Megan: The who?

Gerald: The two I told you about, Nick Mitchell and Mitchel Harris. Big dealers around Gem City. Started out just dealing weed, but they got involved into some bigger things… bit off more than they could chew.

“The present”

This brings us back to a few seconds after we cut to that flashback. The human soldiers have moved more forward and don’t notice Gerald hanging back. Gerald starts walking into some building.

He heads up the stairs and into some dimly lit room. Half the lights work, there’s some candles. Canned food. Some people resting, some hurt.

Gerald sits down and starts eating a can of beans

Someone sits next to him

Gerald: General?

General: Hild. You all right?

Gerald: yeah, why?

General: you’re on shift right now, you’re not supposed to be back here resting.

Gerald: I just can’t-

General: -I don’t blame you.

General pulls out a flask from his pocket and takes a gulp

General: Worlds gone to shit. I understand not wanting to fight.

Gerald: it’s not that I don’t wanna fight…

General: Trust me kid, I know no one here wants any part of this.

Gerald: Listen, General, I used to be involved in some shit. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. All you know about me is before this… before all this, I was working for the newspaper. But before that, I done some things. I been around death my whole life.

Gerald reaches for the flask, takes a sip

Gerald: Used to kill people. Used to be good at it, too. I seen what it does to their loved ones. It’s messed me up a bit-

General: I hear you, but you’re not killing innocent people here. Fucking alien scum.

General takes another sip from the flask

General: Head back out there. I’ll let you come back an hour early. If I let you stay in the whole time, everyone will think it’s okay, I ain’t about to have a whole army of men bitching to stay in from war.

Gerald heads back out from the building but doesn’t see any of his men.

Gerald looks around, then has a small flashback panel of the thing dropping from the alien ship.

He starts walking to there, then starts to pace. It’s in a grassier/field area but not like a forest.

There’s still no one in sight

His thoughts: where is everyone?

A little box by a bush catches his eye

It starts to open, and an alien who’s a blob/slime kind of thing slithers out, he has a syringe in his hand

Alien: Gerald Hild?

Gerald: Huh? You know me?

Alien: What if I told you we could stop it?

Gerald: What?

Alien: The war… We can undo it all…

The alien starts to shrivel up

Gerald: How is that possible?

Alien: I’ve traveled here to undo all this.

Alien: I’m not like the others you- others you fight.

Alien: take this shot.

Alien: Y-you’ll travel bback

Gerald: Travel back?

Alien: in-in time

Gerald: And do what?

Alien: I don’t know th-that much

Alien keep shriveling up

Alien: I just know you’re the one who- who d-does it.

Alien: c-come closer.

Gerald kneels by it

Alien: your arm.

Gerald stick out his arm, and the alien stabs him

We get some details of this serum flowing into him

Gerald grabs his head, then suddenly we see him floating through “time”

He lands in “2014”

“A year before the war- technically, the present”

He is now in normal clothes, by some of the same buildings where the battle was.

We see the street sign says “Jaybird”

He walks a little bit farther in the opposite direction

He walks into “Daylight News”

He makes his way to his cubicle and turns on his desktop

His thoughts: what’s the date what’s the date

He sees in the bottom corner 6/10/14

Gerald’s thoughts: oh, shit! It worked!

His boss comes by

Boss: Gerald! How’s the sports page coming along?

Gerald: oh, uh good. Good. About to start a piece on the Spurs winning the finals-

Boss: -you’re that confident in them, huh? Game 3 hasn’t even started yet.

Boss: I wouldn’t start that til it’s over…

Boss starts to walk away, but then walks back

Boss: And they better not win, I got money on my boy LeBron.

After the boss walks away, he takes the stairs up to the roof.

He lays down, hands on his face, peaking at the sky through his fingers

Gerald’s thoughts: I know what’s to come, but-

Gerald (out loud): What the hell do I do now?



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